About Me

Like all of my readers, I have had to work my way through my fair share of adversity.  When we, as individuals, decide to fully and deliberately live our lives with intention and purpose, we inevitably put ourselves on a path that will challenge us and force us to come face-to-face with adversity.  With adversity on the horizon, one of three decisions can be made:

  1. Run from Adversity
  2. Run to Adversity
  3. Embrace Adversity

Such is the case with so many life experiences, I personally don’t believe that we beat anything 100%.  Rather, I believe we learn from the collective experiences of our own lives, and the experiences of others.  It’s through these encounters that I believe that we learn about ourselves, acquire knowledge and grow as an individual.  The result is that we can better manage future obstacles because we have a better ability to embrace adversity for what it is given our prior experiences.

I haven’t always been the best at embracing adversity.  Too often in my own life I thought that I could run from adversity and it wouldn’t catch up to me.  There were other periods of my life where I felt confident that I could head straight towards adversity with a full head of steam and no plan what-soever.  I wasn’t always effective using either of these strategies.  However, there were also times when I allowed myself to freely and openly embrace the adversity.  When I look back at these moments, I am aware that the times when I learned the most about myself, and felt the most accomplished, was when I learned to embrace hardship, allowing me to be in control of where it took me instead of it leading me where it wanted.

For example, I remember having to be the ‘man of the house’ at age 16 when my dad was activated by the military to serve in the War in Iraq.  There was the time I chose to live internationally when I had never traveled abroad.  At one point in my life I was laid off from work, and at another time I chose to walk away from a job.  I’ve overcome a severe knee injury that prevented me from doing the activities I enjoy.

Through it all, I’ve had to develop and implement strategies for working through these difficulties and overcoming the adversity associated with them.  Through my experiences, I’ve grown personally and professionally in a way that has allowed me to discover not just what I’m capable of doing, but what I’m actually going to accomplish.

There is no doubt in my mind that the we all have a purpose, and our capabilities know no limits.  However, it’s our own responsibility to tackle the obstacles keeping us from getting where we are today, to where we want to be tomorrow.  My hope and intention is that through this blog, we can tap into what it looks like for you to embrace adversity and allow it help propel to above and beyond what you are capable.